List of Mandela Effects  3,964       Last Updated 6/26/2022 at 4:00 P.M.

Mandela Effect News

New to our websites:


1) Our first website has been updated 100% with new Mandela Effects added. That website will only hold Mandela effects

2) Our first website will be updating the residue on the side, but show less as it will be moved to our 3rd page.

3) Mandela Effects list has been moved around to be better title for better search.

4) our 2nd website will be Bible related only and list all Bible and religious Mandela Effects and Residue.

5) Our 3rd website is a website for information about the Mandela Effect and new Mandela effects. We will also list our terms and residue here.

YouTube Channel News:

1) A new Mandela Effect 2022 video has been uploaded.

2) Another new mandela Effect 2022 video is on the way

3) Bible Mandela Effects video will be next as soon as the 2nd website is uploaded

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